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Services Provided


Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluations for Adults and Children
Learning Disability Evaluations
Forensic Psychological Evaluations

We perform psychological evaluations for learning problems, behavior issues, attention-deficit disorders, cognitive functioning, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, personality disorders, and mental illness.

We are also able to offer Virtual Lift Brain Training for students and individuals with learning or processing deficits. Virtual LIFT is a series of live, online one-to-one brain training sessions administered by Certified LIFT Brain Trainers.  Virtual LIFT’s specific exercises build and strengthen the brain skills that are responsible for the student’s ability to learn and process information, including attention/focus, memory, auditory and visual processing, processing speed and intellectual reasoning. Students begin to succeed as their ‘brain muscles’ strengthen and become noticeably more efficient to overcome limitations that conventional teaching alone cannot resolve. http://www.liftbraintraining.com

Group and Individual Therapy
All problems have more than one solution, and solutions are not one-size-fits-all. My approach to helping a person find the right solution to a mental, emotional, or behavior problem is to first take the time to identify the problem, and then to understand the unique ways that the problem is affecting the person's functioning and relationships. A solution can only be effective if it's practical and consistent with the big picture of a person's life - it has to fit who you are and what you can do, otherwise it just becomes another problem.

Adults with ADHD Support Group